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Designing a Hammock Chair Area in Children’s Room

hanging pod for kids
Written by SpyKids

If you are a hammock fan with children, the idea of buying your child a hammock or a hammock chair at an early age is a great one. 

From time immemorial, in every part of the world, infants are rocked in cradles, older children adore their swings, and even adults find a rocking motion to be pleasurable and relaxing to the nerves. People also feel that rocking relieves back pain.

The swinging motions stimulate a sense of balance and foster brain development, which improves concentration. And the cocooning nature of a hammock or a hammock chair helps your child to feel calm and secure. Since they’re so beneficial, we give you here some valuable tips on how to create the perfect, kid-friendly hammock area.


Selecting a Hammock Swing

When choosing a hammock for your child’s room, it’s important to ensure that the product that you select is designed with children in mind.

This means it should be:

  • a kid-sized hammock
  • made of soft natural fabric, soft to the touch
  • which is free from toxic chemicals (certified organic cotton), and
  • very easy to clean.

Next thing is to choose between:

  • a classic hammock for lying in
  • a hammock chair for sitting in.

If there is lack of space in kid’s room it doesn’t mean you have to give up benefits of a swinging in a hammock– try a hammock chair.


Types of Kids’ Hammock Chairs

  1. A classic kid-sized hammock chair with a spreader bar is the perfect choice for older children who prefer to read.
  2. A raindrop shaped and cocooned hanging nest with an integrated pillow is better for little ones aged 3-6 year, as a retreat for dreaming, but also as a favorite toy for swinging in it & on it!
Hanging nests by La Siesta in many different color combinations

Hanging nests JOKI by La Siesta in many different color combinations

Kids' Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta with Spreader Bar

Kids’ Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta with Spreader Bar


Space you need

Before you select the hammock for your little one, it’s important to give some thought to where it will be installed. The hammock needs a lot of free space and shouldn’t be too close to anything that could be knocked into while in motion. Also, make sure that there is enough free space between the bottom of the hammock and the floor. And remember, you can also choose a hammock chair for kids – they are more space saving. And if you have more than one child, we suggest you buying a hanging nest and a classic hammock to create a cozy space for everyone.

These are the optimal range of dimensions for a hanging hammock chair for adults. For a kid’s hammock chair especially distance of seat from ground should be smaller.

  • Range of Width (between anchor points) : 96 in – 132 in / 8 ft – 11 ft
  • Range of Height (of eyes): 54 in – 72 in / 4.5 ft – 6 ft
  • Distance of Seat From Ground :12 in – 30 in / 1 ft – 2.5 ft
  • Between Anchors (Swing Style no Spread Bar): 60 in – 75 in / 5 ft – 6.25 ft
  • Between Anchors (Swing Style w/ Spread Bar) :48 in – 58 in / 4 ft – 4.8


Hammock Chair Hanging Guide – How it Works

The easiest way to hang a hammock chair indoors is to attach it to the ceiling. If you suspend it from only one anchor point with a spread bar, the chair can rock in any direction, back and forth and even in a circular 360 degrees motion.

If you want to hang your hammock chair without spreader bar, you will need two anchor points. The same goes for a hammock.

The picture below outlines different ways to hang your Kids’ Hanging Chair.

how to install a kids hammock chair indoors

A hanging chair has an advantage over a hammock, especially in small children’s rooms – it can be placed under the loft bed or even inside the door frame.



Different Hanging Styles for a Hammock Chair

First, decide on your hanging style!

If you decide to suspend the hammock chair from the ceiling you can choose:

  • Swing Style without Spread Bar. You will need TWO anchor points
  • Swing Style with Spread Bar. You will need TWO anchor points
  • Pivot Style with Spread Bar. You will need ONE anchor points

If you don’t want to drill the holes into your wall, think about:

  • Hammock chair stand. Made of wood or metal, they can accommodate different hammock chair models and are simple to use.

Especially in small children’s room hammock chair can be  can be placed also:

  • Under the loft bed or even
  • Inside the door frame.



With a hammock, hammock chair or hanging nest, your children will get the favorite piece of furniture where they can play games with their friends, enjoy a book and simply relax at the end of a long day as you do. There is no reason not to buy one.