If you’re reading this right now, you probably have kids, or maybe you know some kids and are searching the world wide web for furniture you wanna give them as a present. That’s where Spy For Kids come in. Our job is to help you find the kids’ furniture for healthy households and happy kids.

Reading our Kidsfurniture – Category should give you a good understanding of the products that are out there, how they work, which ones are necessities, which one nice to have,  and which ones are best for you to consider based on your lifestyle. We are going to give you ideas on what to shop and where to shop. For babies as well as older children.

We‘ll rate each product as either a Must-Have, a Nice-to-Have, or a Totally Awesome one.

Must Haves are things that you, well, must have. In this category are mostly products for babies. There are choices you’ll have to make about which brand or style or price range you want to buy in, but, for example, you must have a crib for your baby. On the other hand, it is nice to have a rocker. You and your baby will both survive if you don’t have one, but many parents decide to get one–that’s how we‘d define a Nice-to-Have. But of course, it is up to you and your baby, it could turn out, that you must have a rocker, and don’t need a crib because the baby and you sleep in the same bed.

Totally Awesome is the category for some specialized or simply „only beautiful“ products that are not really vital, but people love them. Older kids don’t really need a thousand things. A bed, a chair, and a table may seem as enough, but the older the child the more important is the design. A hammock chair, for example, is simply cool and will make your kid happy. At the same time, it is not a throwaway-piece-of-furniture that be used once and then disposed of or destroyed. It is a lifestyle.

Modular OLLA Kidsfurniture system lets you treat your child’s room like a giant LEGO set!

The picture above is from this category – Totaly Awesome. The kids’ furniture system is completely interchangeable.  Similar to popular toy building block systems,  which allow you to build, take apart, and rebuild until you are happy with your creation, or follow the accompanying guide to create various items of furniture. The more building blocks you own, the wider variety of furniture becomes possible. This kids’ furniture concept is not only about design it is also about sustainability, natural materials, recyclability, renewability, and toxic-free. We find it totally awesome! You can read more about it here.

We’ll write some interesting stories and product reviews. We’ll also tell you upfront the price range for the selected products we review.

You’ll notice that some very similar products have broad price ranges. Some very low prices are available at online stores and, the tips we provide here can save you hundreds. But our advice is not to buy the cheapest product you find! It may look great and colorful, but we recommend buying a high-quality product that is free of unnecessary toxic chemicals.

There is a tremendous variety of products and immense competition in this industry between retailers and manufacturers. And we are very interested in providing you with excellent tips, answer your questions, guide and help you choose the best option for you and your kids.

We will get you to think about your lifestyle and needs.