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High Chairs for Kids – Why to Choose a Wooden One

Written by SpyKids

During those glorious prenatal months, you’ll have enough things to worry about, and a high chair for your baby should be not one of them. As long as your baby remains solely on a liquid diet, you’ll don’t need one. But by five months old, it’ll probably be ripping the spoon out of your hand and grabbing at your plate, which means he’ll be starting on solid food. Then you can worry about the high chair.

There is a wide variety of high chair styles and types available, from wooden high chairs to high chairs on wheels with plush seats, to simple folding high chair. You’ll have to consider ease of use, folding ability, and for some of you, aesthetics. The budget can certainly matter too since the price range is from about 70$ to 700$.

A Wooden High Chair is a Piece of Furniture

Unlike many other baby products that you’ll need only for a couple of months, a high chair can be used over the years. You want your kid happily sitting in that chair as long as possible? Then don’t go cheap and useful but think of it as furniture! Get something you’ll want to live with!

You may need a for a baby now,  but we recommend to think a bit in the future and buy a chair that grows with the child.  Kids aged 8 still sit better in an appropriate chair for kids in a comfortable and ergonomic seating position rather than in a simple chair for adults.

Wooden High Chairs are not only the most aesthetically attractive choice, but they last over generations. Or at least, till your kid is big enough and its legs can touch the ground while sitting.

Adjustable wooden Highchair which can be transformed to any height position is the best solution for babies, toddlers or as a or as a traditional dining chair for all ages. Made of cultivated wood it looks great and is a strong, solid and durable product.

Here are the reasons we often can hear, why not to buy a wooden chair:

  • A baby is less comfortable in a wooden chair.

A high chair is meant for sitting, not for lounging. You should not put a baby in a high chair for feeding until it is ready to sit up in the upright position and can sit unsupported. That’s an important rule. Even if some chairs are adjustable and have a recline position, which parents may find convenient to use as a resting place for their baby, it’s not advisable to use that reclining position when you begin feeding your baby.

  • The seat is not cushioned.

Be aware, you’ll probably have to wash the cushion after every meal. But there are removable and washable covers available for the beginning. Very soon your baby will not need a cushion at all.

  • The tray on a wooden high chair is not easily removable.

Yes, that’s right but nowadays there are many models with one-hand removable tray covers which is dishwasher safe.

  • A wooden high chair doesn’t fold.

Yes, that’s right. But we recommend – think o fit as furniture. You already have some chairs in your home. So now it is a time to choose a chair for your child, ad we recommend to chose one that is a beautiful addition to your home and not some piece of ugly plastic that you want to fold and hide.

Buy a beautiful wooden high chair. Cause you don’t have to co-exist with a plastic one, you can live happily with a wooden one.

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