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UNAMO design – Spacesaving Modular Furniture

Written by SpyKids

Having a dining table for eight people is a luxury which not everyone can afford. If you are living in a big city, you probably have only a small dining room where you hardly can fit a table and a sofa. And if you live in a studio where you also have to put a bed, then ist the time to think about modular and space-saving furniture.


3MOODS is a sofa + bed + chaise longue + armchair + desk + dining table + 4 benches to 8 people.

Space-saving modular furniture is especially interesting for the new parents, who certainly need a bit more furniture, and the space in the apartment has not increased.

To offer a solution to these problems, a Spanish designer created a series of versatile furniture. In this article, we would like to present you great convertible furniture 3MOODS designed by young Spanish designer Humberto Navarro, founder of UNAMO design studio.

All in One Furniture – transformable furniture for small spaces

If you live in a small apartment, a piece of furniture that you can convert to a sofa, bed, table or chaise longue could be a perfect choice. But also for all new parents is a really good idea, cause the kids are growing up, and adjustable and modular kids furniture is worth investing in.



3MOODS – three in one- bed, sofa, and table for eight

The 3MOODS by Unamo Design is a versatile piece of furniture that as cleverly serves three moods or purposes: relax, work, sleep. It can be your bed, your sofa and your dining table for eight. Humberto Navarro designed it in minimal and elegant Nordic style, made of natural and textile wood. It is so well thought out that it’ll make you hardly believe that it is a piece of multifunctional furniture. In any of its positions, it is a harmonious and stylish piece.
In the video below, you can see the different functions that the original piece of modular space saving furniture can fulfill. Its natural position is to be a sofa with two seats. But you can quickly convert the couch into a chaise-longue or a bed by simply reorganizing these pieces.

The most exciting thing about the 3moods design is the following. The bed can be turned into a table for eight people to eat comfortably. Or also into a table for four, while the other half of the sofa is available for sitting.

3Moods is convertible furniture that fits your space, your needs, and your life.


The simple but ingenious system allows you to convert the backrest of the sofa into the tabletop. Every detail is so designed that the transformation can be carried out in a few seconds without effort.
The cushion on the back of the sofa is stored under the table with magnets. Which also serve to keep it in place when they perform their function in the sofa mode.

The 3MOODS set is not only an ingenious and practical idea but also a great design exercise. It makes us want to have that sofa at home even without using all its functions because it is beautiful.

MOODY- modular system- sofa for two and table for four


For those who do not need something so big, or their budget is more limited, there is another option. If you want to have a small sofa for two that transforms into a table for four, Unamo Design Studio has created MOODY, which is about half of 3MOODS.

It is a little less practical because you can not convert it into a bed, but you can use it as an armchair.

With this one single piece of furniture which looks like a single couch, you could get also a functional armchair for 2 people and a table for 4 guests. What amazing transformable modular system!

The couch itself offers enough place to seat for 4 people. The modular transformation system is very easy and intuitive and can be transformed by one single person.


It is a versatile piece of furniture designed to make your life more comfortable and convenient. Why so much furniture at home, if you could have it all_in_one? With 3MOODS your house breathes, cleans better, even looks bigger because do not subtract space and has several functions in only one furniture.

ESSENZA CHAIR, much more than a chair for kids


Another of the exciting pieces of versatile modular furniture of this Unamo Design Studio is the ESSENZA CHAIR. This kids chair is much more than a chair for children- transformable furniture for kids, amazing table-chair set!

It is a design inspired by the famous Red and Blue Chair by the Dutch architect Gerrit Rietvel, just looking to create a functional as well as a decorative piece.

You can transform the Essenza kids chair into an auxiliary table, with only a few steps, as if it was a puzzle. Besides, you can completely disassemble and store it in a small space since it consists of only five plywood boards.

EsenzzakidsUNAMO-Transformable furniture for kids

Materials and manufacturing process

We must look to the future to adapt to the changes, but without forgetting the past. Without the essence of what we are, our roots, we’d be nothing.
All the product are made of high-quality elements, such as the OKUME plywood 100%, stainless steel for the structure. Its cushioning is detachable, washable and anti spots.  During the whole process, the Unamo Design Studio takes care of the smallest detail.  The buyer is happy with the purchase of this space-saving modular furniture. This duality in the manufacturing process is faithful to the principles of UNAMO design studio trademark.